Medical Fees

Individual Visit Cash Pay

Each visit costs $90.00 regardless of the reason. Please take note that this does not cover labs or testing.

Special Pricing for HSA Members

We offer a monthly fee of $130.00 for access to healthcare solutions for up to a maximum of two visits per month for the entire family (12 months auto-deductible commitment only). This does not include the cost of lab or other needed diagnostic testing because this is not insurance.

Certified Department of Transportation Medical Examiner

DOT Physicals available - $90.00

Call Us for Family Healthcare Services

No matter what your healthcare needs are, you can trust us to provide you with comprehensive family healthcare services at reasonable rates. Discuss your health concerns to our experienced providers. They will gladly walk you through the healthcare solutions appropriate for your condition. Schedule an appointment today! Give us a call using the number listed on this website to learn more about the family healthcare services we offer.

We are located in the Eastside Medical Dental Building.
First Suite on Right off of Front Entrance